SOYBAS is one of the leading Turkish steel-trading groups since 1960’s and we are proud to be your dependable, straightforward and long-term business partner in Turkey. We trade in domestic Turkish market by means of our flagship company Sami Soybas Steel Trade Ltd. and we have been transferring our invaluable experience in steel sector to the international markets via Soybas Foreign Trade Ltd. Exports&imports all kinds of steel.. Leading traders in İstanbul since 1961. Distibutors of all carbon steel products in Turkish domestic market Soybas Foreign Trade Ltd. is one of the main international distributors of all kinds of steel products produced in Turkey - thanks to our strong long-term relations with all Turkish steel mills and users. In addition to our semi/finished flat&long steel products and raw materials exports&imports in Turkey; we trade in numerous items all around the world by means of our various international suppliers and customers.

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